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Humorous. Thriving. Bat-shit crazy.

Passionately communicating to women everywhere that their struggles are shared, understood, and recognized.

Slightly (yeah, right!) Sarcastic. Embracing minimalism. Published author.

Focused on a mission to empower women to develop daily habits of sincere gratitude.

Loveable. Worthy. Fun.

Dedicated to providing fast, easy, daily habits to improve a life that is designed to produce big results.

Hi friend! I’m Jenn, but folks also know me as that crazy gal who is Mom to 18 friggin’ kids! Yep, that’s me! How did I get to be a mom of 18? Well, that road is full of interesting twists and turns that led to the outrageously huge, blended family I am so proud to be a part of.

Just so we’re clear -- I’m no parenting expert, however, I am a mama blogger who loves writing about all aspects of family life. For example, I have had quite a bit of experience parenting teenagers so it is always interesting to capture these moments in my blogs. Don’t you just love dealing with the hormones and growing pains that are part of the wonderful world of teenage-hood?  A lot of what I know is what you would call “on the job training”, however, I do know a thing or two about conquering stress and embracing joy and immense gratitude amid the chaos. Life is made of small moments like this!

While balancing my own big, blended family and equally huge, personal goals, I still somehow managed to successfully obtain 3 coaching certifications that have enabled me to help you build personal awareness, develop a deeper sense of learning, and provide a safe place to gain perspective. I am also a licensed Practitioner in NLP. As a motivational speaker, part of my message is to remind my audience that happiness is a choice. Daily habits can cause true change, as well as, positively influence your thoughts and actions. Additionally, through some of my targeted training on topics such as crisis intervention, drug & alcohol addiction, surviving trauma, and suicide prevention, I have been equipped with a solid understanding of how to serve my clients.

It is such an incredible honor to be a part of an elite crowd of moms who lift other moms! Inspirational speakers have given me so many amazing principles to change the way I approach my own life, so I know that even with minimal, daily habits, big results can happen! It is so worth it to consistently put in the work and energy it takes to intentionally choose happiness!

I also hold my clients accountable by providing sure-fire, action steps that will create a path towards the successful integration of their purpose, passion, and drive. I consider myself to be a life-long learner. I will never stop learning and growing, and this is evident by my consistent pursuit of knowledge on topics that affect the population with whom I serve.

Hey mama!

STOP what you are doing right now! YOU cannot be expected to do “all the things” perfectly all the time.

YOU are worth more than consistently putting your dreams and needs on the back-burner.

YOU should embrace and love the monotony of life instead of feeling like it sucks the fire from your soul.

BREATHE. No, really...BREATHE. Close your eyes, and just focus on the sound and rhythm of your breaths.

Sometimes it feels like you are FAILING at all the you can’t sufficiently do anything “just right”. Why does it have to be so hard to wear all these hats? Why are you so stressed out and anxious so much of the time?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. You CAN and WILL climb out of this vicious cycle of duty, responsibility, stress, guilt & repeat.

You can be sure that it can feel different because the Compounding Joy program will personally help you cultivate and maintain the necessary skills that will eliminate the debilitating feelings of overwhelm, stress, and guilt.

When you invest in yourself by incorporating the positive daily habits that are covered in the Compounding Joy coaching program, you will gain the following:

  • Increased gratitude and joy
  • Reduction of stress
  • Dynamic shifts in health and wellness
  • Impactful sense of belonging

It is time for you to finally focus on yourself for a change and learn the necessary techniques that will welcome indescribable joy to your heart and sweet gratitude on your lips!


Whether I'm interviewing someone on my podcast, or talking with you during a coaching call, my intent is to get to the heart of what matters. To discuss what's underneath, what you haven't thought about in years. Those tidbits that really make a difference in your life. And then dive deep. I want to take you places no one else has and "get that shit". 

Thank you to Dr. Robb Kelly - a man I admire - for speaking about how I did it with him. 

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